WAKE-INN Klaipėda is a wakeboarding and recreation park located in the centre of town, on the shore of Trinyčiai Reservoir. The park has two modern new courses with obstacles, and there is also a cosy café and a leisure goods and equipment shop. The spacious terraces are perfect for organising personal events or celebrations.

System 1: Two L Kickers, Pipe to Pipe Kicker Stage, Double Pipe Rainbow Slide 12m

System 2: Dual-Level 0.5m-Wide Box 20m, Pole Jam 8m and Ollie Pipe 17m


20 minutes before 17:00 on weekdays €15
20 minutes after 17:00 on weekdays and weekends €17
1 hour before 17:00 on weekdays €40/€13.33
1 hour after 17:00 on weekdays and weekends €45/€15
2 hours before 17:00 on weekdays €75/€12.50
2 hours after 17:00 on weekdays and weekends €80/€13.33

Equipment rental
Wakeboard rental €5/per person
Wetsuit rental €3/per person

Passes (valid at all Wake-Inn parks)
10 x 20 minutes €140/€14
20 x 20 min. €250/€12.50


Phone: 863888810
E-mail: info@wakeinn.lt
Address: Trinyčiai Reservoir, Klaipėda (Kooperacijos g. 9)