There’s not a board or crew with more hype surrounding them right now than the Coalition. This board breeds creativity. No obstacle is off limits and no surface is un-rideable, because where there’s a way – and usually a Space robber chomping at the bit to be the first to prove it. This is the board for them.

BENEFIT: Looks great with a skinny stance, slides virtually any surface with little resistance, increased space vibes, gives you immediate “street cred” with the homies, increases your chances of Alien Abductions.

Buttery nose and tail design for flat water fun
Medium / Soft flex
Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls
Ballistic Base
Carbon Bedrock Inserts
Hybrid Rocker Profile
Chined Rails
Space Vibes
Art by: Wesley Mark Jacobsen / Quinn Silvernale
SIZES: 141cm | 145cm | 149cm

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141 cm, 145 cm, 149 cm